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CoP Participation Guidelines

All prospective and current CoP members are encouraged to read and incorporate these guidelines as part of their participation.
    • Members are willing to share challenges and lessons learned as well as successes, and recognize the importance of maintaining an environment of trust to foster insightful, non-threatening discussion of ideas and experiences.
    • Members distribute leadership responsibilities and collectively share in the management of the community.
    • Members agree to be respectful and use appropriate language in group discussions, and listen and respond to each other with open and constructive minds.
    • Members are empowered to respectfully challenge one another by asking questions, but refrain from personal attacks -- focus on ideas.
    • Members participate as fully as possible -- community growth depends on inclusion of every individual voice.
    • Members commit to search for opportunities for consensus or compromise and for creative solutions.
    • Members contribute to an atmosphere of problem solving rather than stating positions.
    • Members build on each other's strengths, and help each other improve areas in need of further development.
    • Members share information that advances the profession without the expectation of financial compensation.
    • Members interact as colleagues in the CM profession and not as business development executives.
    • Members understand they can be asked to leave the CoP if they do not abide by the ground rules of participation, and take full responsibility for their behavior.

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