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Our Chapter

Our Story

When a few change practitioners from the DC area learned that chapters existed in other areas of the world, they decided that the DC area needed an organization to connect change practitioners. With all of the diversity of industry and thought, in 2013 we formed a steering committee to create the organization by establishing the mission, vision, and governance structure. In March 2014, we became officially recognized as a chapter by ACMP Global and have been growing our membership base ever since.

What We Do

Engage participants and organizations across the DC change community

Our goal is to attain recognition among change practitioners in DC and grow the organization. To do this we engage with the companies and organizations that do change, including the public sector, private sector, non-profits, and the academic community. We also aim to connect with change practitioners in the broader change management community.

Enhance professional development for members and the broader change community

We connect members and non-members with organizations to enhance understanding of change management and its application. In addition, we disseminate knowledge from ACMP Global and connect local members with the change management certification process. We are the source for Change Management developmental opportunities in Washington, D.C. and partner with organizations that provide learning and growth opportunities.

Increase awareness of the value of change management

We are establishing and circulating a common understanding of the value of change management in the Washington, D.C. area. In order to do this, we document best practices for change management in government and develop DC-specific case studies, maintain a repository of validated quantitative and qualitative evidence of the value of investment in change management, and connect with other disciplines to define and document the integration points for change management.

Bring the global perspective to the local level to inspire innovation and new ways of thinking

We keep the change community abreast of the latest research in change management and sponsor new research. We also aim to develop and host change incubator sessions to collectively work the change challenges of organizations. Finally, we connect with new or different perspectives from other communities to encourage innovative change management strategies in new situations.

ACMP Global

ACMP is dedicated to advancing the discipline and profession of change management practices that support the success of individual and organizational change for the realization of intended business results. ACMP is advancing the Change Management discipline by developing the:
• Standard for Change Management
• Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) Program
Change Management Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
• Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) Program

To learn more about the growing network of change management professionals about the globe, please visit www.acmpglobal.org

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