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  • March 10, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom


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Any of This Sound Familiar?... 

  • Have you ever silently wished, “I just want to fire everybody and start over”...
  • Have you given the same instructions, so many times, and seems like ‘they still don’t get it’...
  • Have you felt like you could be so much more productive if your manager simply let you…
  • Have you been told that maybe your approach is too soft/too bold, but feel unsure on what to change…
  • Have you wanted your team members to do it on their own without needing so much of your assistance…

If any of these sound like you then guess what, you are NORMAL. In fact, according to a recent study published in Forbes, over 53% of managers today are unhappy with their work. And although they (like you) are not necessarily ready to quit, something needs to change (and SOON) in order for them to feel connected to the work as strongly as they once did. 

It’s almost as if their work-life is on life-support needing some sort of jolt to get back into the swing of things. It needs a new breath. It needs… INSPIRATION. 

“Sure, now, if only there was a simple, easy-relatable, three-step process that could connect the concepts of “breathing-new-life” into my team members as a manager, which would help me inspire them to actually become more productive...” Well fortunately there is. 

Let’s explore these together, in the Leadership Development Workshop, “INSPIRATION: The 3 Steps of CPR: How to get our old team members to embrace a new system of operation, and thereby become more productive overall.”

Three (3) Key Takeaways: 

1. Simple exercises to bring your team members to the table 

2. Proven strategies to open the doorway of communication so that they feel heard (and thus involved). 

3. Best practices from industry leaders on how to level-up the team in ways that adds momentum to their path of personal/professional improvement.

Registration: Free to ACMP DC members; $10.00 for non members

About the Speaker

For three years, across four cities, Mr. Burris helped facilitate the DIVERSITY LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, which brought together multinational, regional and local businesses, and immersed them in a series of 3-Day face-to-face experiences with upcoming talent from diverse collegiate backgrounds. This resulted in product sales, hirings, internships, scholarships, and market expansion, in cities around the United States. -- For even more insight into how RCB's experience can positively impact your people, look at the lives he’s touched here: 

Rodney C Burris has trained over 300,000 individuals, across 41 states and 3 countries, in addition to countless thousands of online views, attendees and participants. -- Please see section "Previous Clients Include", on

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