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ACMP Global: Members Only Webinar

  • April 23, 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual

Facilitation and the Role it Plays in Change Management

Presenter: Julie Miller

Description: Effective facilitation is a game changer, and as the facilitator you can have an enormous impact. Having the opportunity to be in a meeting led by a skilled facilitator can be a real gift to any participant. They can make a long day go by quickly, diffuse heated conversations (and we know there are tough conversations that happen around change management), and make you wonder how you accomplished all the deliverables laid out at the beginning with all these "tough" personalities in the room.

But what exactly is a facilitator, and how do we learn the magic? I’ll cover the definition of a facilitator, share the meeting checklist I use, and discuss ways to identify your disruptors, armed with tactics to diffuse them. With this combination of steps, your change management meetings will be productive, viewed as a beneficial use of time, and they will want to know your magic and how you did it. Use it wisely though, when people find a great facilitator they will want you to play that role again and, hopefully, they will also spread the word that your meetings are fun and effective, and that they won't groan when the next invite comes through.

Skill Level: *Beginner*  (0-3 Years of Change Management Experience)

Track: Change Leadership & Critical Change Competencies

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