ACMP Global Webinar: Culture as the Make-or-Break Factor in the Success of Transformational Change

  • October 08, 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar

Culture permeates every aspect of the organization. It is the most under-attended factor when planning for major change, leading to the majority of change efforts never attaining adoption or sustainment. Culture either supports the success of your initiatives’ desired future or inhibits it. Most traditional approaches to change do not understand the impact or importance of culture in the design of their content solutions. Most ignore identifying and integrating cultural imperatives in their assessments or plans. So often, culture is a bolt-on strategy or given over to change managers to fix after deployment. Neither works. This session presents the 12 strategies to changing culture and explores 15 conditions for successful culture change. Come to this interactive session to explore the strategies and learn how to embed them into your work. You will have a chance to reflect on your current reality, challenge the approach, stretch your thinking and plan how to expand your role. The strategies begin the day leaders give an initiative the green light, meaning you engage much earlier and have more direct influence on leaders. Making the cultural requirements for success visible and integrated is essential to the success of change. Mastering culture is a game-changer!

Skill Level: Advanced (5+ years of Change Management Experience)

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