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2020 Speakers

Opening Keynote Speaker: Donna Brighton

Donna Brighton is a lifelong nonconformist whose favorite question is “why?” she is a catalyst for positive change and a liberator of potential, dedicated to enlarging leaders’ vision of who they are and what they can achieve. Join her in challenging the status quo to transform the practice of leadership.

Session Title: Be, Do, Say – The Rebel Leader Way

Defy the default. Who defines you? How big is the gap between your words and actions? How will you use your voice to make a difference? Answer these questions and more as we explore the Rebel Leader Way.

Despite decades of research, millions of leadership articles and books, there is not widely accepted definition of leadership. That is because each person’s approach to leadership is as unique as the leader. Increase your effectiveness and influence by improving the clarity and strength of your leadership voice.

Whether you have a position of leadership or serve as an influencer of change, when you apply the three critical steps along the Rebel Leader Way, you earn the right to use your voice. These are essential elements of effective leadership and successful change.

Join Donna to learn how to unleash you inner rebel, shift your leadership perspective, and lead in unexpected ways to achieve unprecedented results.

Closing Keynote Speaker: Kendall Lott

Kendall Lott is a professional facilitator and trainer who brings the same energy and enthusiasm that helped him successfully hike the 2,190 mile Appalachian trail to his public speaking. Combining storytelling with his unique take on motivating change, Kendall is sure to inspire. 

Session Title: Managing Motivation: Leadership Lessons from an AT Thru Hike

Leadership, management, and motivation are not just metaphors, but things that the physicality of the Appalachian Trail endurance hike can inform…and it comes with beautiful trail pictures. Kendall Lott will inspire and share 9 lessons from the trail remind us of how to self-manage and manage teams - all learned from the physicality of the trail. 

Education Session Speakers

*Speakers are listed in no particular order; sessions will feature 3 concurrent speakers which attendees can choose from. 

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Session 1:

Michelle Gebhart, US EPA

Customer Adoption Program: Driving Organizational Change, Saving Money and Making People Smile

Nicole Sroka, Mind Moves

The Human Impact of AI: How to Make Friends with Robots 

Amanda Schmoldt, USAA

Measuring What Matters: Successful Change

Session 2:

Jason Dunn, Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield

Leading your Sponsor

Dr. Josef Martens, Katalysor 

Change Management with Real Impact - Change Your Impact by Changing Your Positioning

Jeff Feller, Slalom Consulting

Debunking Digital Transformation: A Guide for Change Leaders Navigating a Gnarly Challenge

Session 3:

Sjaloom Verhagen and Beth Kanter-Leibowitz, Marriott International

How Commitment to Change Can Help Move Mountains

Dr. Victoria M Grady and Regan Jagatnarain, GMU & Pivot Point

Psychological Contracts and Change Management: Are These Unspoken Agreements Affecting Your Change Plan?

Karen deLacy, deLacy Associates

One Courageous Conversation at a Time -- Tackling Key Organizational Challenges Today

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